Pegasus Hit Job: It does not hurt Modi, only makes him look better

Pegasus, Modi,

Indian opposition ceases to learn its lessons. After receiving a humbling in the 2019 General elections, despite creating a huge clamour regarding the Rafale deal and how a massive scam was involved, nothing substantial came to fruition. Congress led the campaign with Rahul Gandhi focusing his entire semblance of existence in trying to manufacture a scam, however, he failed, and the electorate taught him a lesson. Now, ahead of the Monsoon session and a year before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections – semi-final to 2024 LS elections, the opposition in collaboration with the left-liberal establishment is using the Pegasus spyware scandal as the last roll of dice.

Without any concrete facts and proof, merely working on guesswork, insinuations, and false hunches, the leftist portals are milking the Pegasus malware to full effect. All the reader needs to know about the authenticity of the report can be ascertained from the below para of the Guardian report that seemingly blew the lid of ‘one of the greatest snooping scandals’ ever:

“The presence of a phone number in the data does not reveal whether a device was infected with Pegasus or subject to an attempted hack. However, the consortium believes the data is indicative of the potential targets NSO’s government clients identified in advance of possible surveillance attempts.”

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By using conjecture to churn a report and later pinning the entire electorate strategy on it makes the opposition look ludicrous, weak and out of ideas in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The fact that PM Modi’s vote base doesn’t even care for such antics further speaks into the universe that how naïve the strategy is.

Some left journalists are now using pure conspiracy theories to sell their lies. According to few propaganda portals, PM Modi visited Israel in 2017, met then PM Benjamin Netanyahu and decided to use the services of NSO and its Pegasus software.

One of the news reports read, “Modi and the then Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, were pictured during the trip walking barefoot together on a beach. Days before, Indian targets had started being selected,”

However, associating Modi with Israel makes him look good. India and its citizens love Israel, unlike the West and Arab countries. Netanyahu and Modi’s friendship was the cornerstone in the latter’s diplomacy skill set where he forged a deep, personal bonhomie in the public eye to cement relations between the two nations. By throwing dirt on the friendship and hoping that something sticks, the opposition has done another self-goal. Meanwhile, it is also pertinent to note that NSO is now planning to file a defamation suit against news publications like Guardian, The Wire for spreading fallacious lies.

Then comes Pakistan and its puppet leader Imran Khan who has also claimed that his phone was hacked. Once again, without any proof, Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry remarked that Imran Khan was also on the list of people who are allegedly being snooped on by the Indian government.

“Extremely concerned on news reports emerging from @guardiannews that Indian government used Israeli software to spy on journalists, political opponents and politicians. Unethical policies of #ModiGovt have dangerously polarised India and the region… More details are emerging,” he said in a Tweet on Monday.

The Congress has been pandering a similar line that the Modi government is not only snooping on its party prince but other foreign nations and its leaders. If for argument’s sake we do consider that the Modi administration is indeed snooping on Imran Khan, will it really make a dent in the Prime Minister’s vote base?

Pakistan is our enemy and New Delhi is well within its rights to employ any surveillance technology to keep tabs so that the unholy nexus of Pakistan-China, Pakistan-Taliban can be kept at bay. It is pure buffoonery from the opposition to even paw at this particular thread to drive its narrative.

Whether Rahul Gandhi’s phone was hacked or can be a subject of different discussion but it is a bit sanctimonious coming from Congress, given an RTI filed by one Prosenjit Mondal in 2013 revealed that around 9,000 phones and 500 email accounts were watched every month by the UPA government at the time. The response was given by none other than the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on August 6, 2013.

Similarly, the biggest idol of the left-liberal establishment, former American president Barack Obama was found guilty of bugging Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower blew the lid on the massive spy racket orchestrated by the Obama regime and yet he remains the darling of the machinery.

When called out, Obama had infamously remarked, “You can’t have 100-per cent security and also have 100-per cent privacy”. And the establishment here wants to believe that 37 inconsequential names who cannot even prove that they were hacked can topple the most powerful leader in the world.