Spitting, attacking, stone pelting at police and doctors: How radical Islamists have come in the way of India’s coronavirus fight

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Ever since India started its fight against Coronavirus, Islamists have been trying to derail India’s fight against Coronavirus- whether it was Shaheen Bagh’s insistence on continuing with the illegal roadblock or the case of a Jahangirpuri anti-CAA protests organiser getting infected, but while all such attempts were blocked, the Islamists had their red-letter day only recently when the Tablighi Jamaat-Nizamuddin Markaz fiasco came out.

With a conference of 8,000 Islamic preachers of different nationalities at the Alami Markaz Banglewali Masjid in South Delhi’s Nizamuddin area and those attending the conference travelling to different parts of the country, the footprints of the Nizamuddin Markaz super spreaders can be traced all across the country from Manipur and Assam in the Northeast to Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Telangana down South to Maharashtra in the West, and Kashmir in the North.

Meanwhile, the number of cases in India has shot up to more than 2,000 cases, and the credit, of course, goes to the Tablighi Super Spreaders. However, given their extensive chain, it seems that the present numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

An even bigger threat though comes from the different parts of India where the authorities- health workers and police officials trying to track down the Tablighi attendees are being spat upon, fired at, mobbed and grossly abused.

The Tablighi Jamaat members who have been quarantined in Delhi have been misbehaving with the staff that is trying to save their lives. In fact, have been trying to infect the authorities, including doctors and health workers, with the novel Coronavirus by spitting at them. Issuing a statement, CPRO Northern Railway, said, “Occupants were unruly since morning & made unreasonable demand for food items. They misbehaved & abused staff at Quarantine Centre. Also they started spitting all over & on persons working/attending them including doctors. They also started roaming around hostel building.”

Meanwhile, an Islamic preacher in Mamata Banerjee-ruled West Bengal can be heard giving peace sermons, and wishing that more viruses hit India killing 50 crore Indians.

Shocking reports have come in from Ahmedabad’s Gomtipur area in Gujarat, the state where Muslim rights where the cops who had gone searching for the Tablighi Jamaat-Nizamuddin Markaz conference attendees were attacked and pelted with stones.

In Bihar’s Madhubani things went a step further as stones got replaced with bullets when a police party proceeded towards a Mosque where a Jamaat had been organised and a large number of people associated with the Tablighi Jamaat were in hiding. Five cops have been injured in the attack, and the SHO and the BDO had to run for their lives as the mobs were trying to kill and not just fend away the police officials.

But the most shocking visuals have come in from Indore where a mob went on a rampage attacking health officials who had arrived to check for Coronavirus suspects and to save their lives.

The mobs again were blood-thirsty and hurling pathetic abuses at health workers, including women health workers. The huge mobs made the health workers run for their lives and at one point you can hear someone asking for “hot water”, which may even be a reference to acid, as the mobs are ready to go to any extent in order to keep the Tablighi attendees untraced.

A woman doctor who had also come under attack from the unruly mob says that she wouldn’t have come it alive had it not been for the police forces who accompanied them for the screening process.

The social media is full of provocative content aimed at spreading the virus further, with outrageous claims such as the idea of Coronavirus infection being divine justice to wipe out the non-believers.

Doctors have come under attack in Hyderabad too, where two doctors were attacked by the relatives of Khaleeluddin, a resident of Quthbullapur, after he died of Coronavirus. He had also participated in the Tablighi Jamaat trans-national conference in Nizamuddin earlier this month.

Lockdown was also defied in Rajasthan’s Ajmer where more than hundred gathered at a dargah for a “religious event”.

What the Tablighi Jamaat has done is not only to create a new cluster of Coronavirus in India and manufacture thousands of Super Spreaders across the country, but it has also started using the possibility of infecting the health officials and policemen by spitting at them.

The health officials and police forces face a horrid challenge going ahead. Who would prefer getting spit at for an occupational hazard, and that too when those spitting are all possible Coronavirus patients?

Every single act by Tablighi Jamaat in this entire chain from organising the trans-national conference to not vacating the Markaz to travelling across the different corners of the country and now attacking health and police officials is a crime against humanity and the nation.

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