Shameful: Pakistan quoting Indian opposition to attack India


Even as Pakistan showed its true colours by violating India’s airspace yesterday, the opposition could not get over the temptation to attack the Government of India and PM Modi at a time when the nation must stand together in order to take on the rogue neighbour.

The opposition has shamelessly started claiming that PM Modi and the BJP are trying to politicise the Pulwama attack and the growing tensions between India and Pakistan even as the Lok Sabha polls are around the corner. 21 opposition parties issued a joint statement making baseless allegations against the government. The statement read, “Anguished over blatant politicisation of sacrifices of armed forces by ruling party. Urge government to take nations into confidence on all measures to protect India’s sovereignty, unity, integrity. National security must transcend narrow political consideration.” The statement which was read out by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi added, “National security must transcend narrow political considerations. The leader observed that the Prime Minister has regrettably not convened an-all party meeting as the established practice in our democracy.”

It must be mentioned at this point that after the dastardly terror attack in Pulwama, the Congress party had promised to stand firmly with the Indian armed forces and the government of the day. However, it seems that Congress has not lived up to its promise. Even as the tensions between the two nations are growing, the opposition has gone on to make bizarre allegations against the Modi government. The parties and their leaders did not realise that their opportunistic politics will give out a wrong message.

Pakistan found appropriate fodder in the bizarre statements made by the Indian opposition. Pakistan is trying to paint India in a bad light by using the outrageous statement made by the oppositon. Pakistan’s minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also used the statement made by the Indian opposition. He said, “Today, the 21 Opposition parties in India have also told the BJP not to play politics on this matter. The Opposition parties of India have said that BJP is using the Pulwama attack for elections, they are politicising the matter.” One does not need much intellect to understand that the opposition’s poorly timed attack at the Modi government is giving a lot of fodder to Pakistan. By linking the Pulwama attacks with the upcoming polls, the opposition has created an imaginary issue which Pakistan is actively trying to use. 

In such circumstances, one can only wonder if the opposition could have refrained, at least, for a week or two before trying to attack the Modi government. Congress and others should have realised that issues like national security are more important than cornering the government. If the opposition has any pro-India sentiment left with itself, then it should ideally stop giving such bizarre remarks for a while. The need of the hour is to stand with India and its government instead of foolishly helping Pakistan with their bizarre remarks.