A poet at heart, Atal Ji delivered some of the most memorable speeches

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Former Prime Minister and one of the tallest leaders Indian politics has ever seen, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, took his last breath today. His legacy of true statesmanship, untainted political career, humility and undying love for the nation lives on. A poet at heart and a master of words, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was known for his riveting, spell binding speeches.  His speeches were full of humor and passion and never failed to mesmerize the audiences. A charismatic leader, crowd puller, poet and an outstanding orator had delivered some of the evergreen and memorable speeches. Here are some of his best public speeches:

When Atal Bihari Vajpayee addressed UN in Hindi in 1977:

In front of an international audience, Atalji delivered one of his most famous speeches, in Hindi. “We have accepted all along that divinity may have many forms. Everyone in India is therefore free to pursue his own path to salvation, irrespective of birth or belief. At the same time, however, our seers, in an unbroken line from ancient Vedic times to the present, have taught us compassion and tolerance towards our fellow men. Gandhiji summed up the essence of this teaching in a favourite word: Antyodaya, which means “unto this last”. This word, which he used time and again in his messages, signifies the concern which any society should have for the well-being of the poorest, the lowliest and the lost.”

Poem by Atal Ji, ‘Swatantra Bharat Ka Mastak Nahi Jhukega’ in the aftermath of the Kargil war.

Poet at heart, Atal Ji often included couplets, his own creations as well as from other poets, in his speeches. In the aftermath of the Kargil war, he delivered one of his memorable speeches and recited this poem:

Ek Nahi Do Nahi Karo Beeson Samjhote Par swatantra Bharat Ka Mastak Nahi Jhukega
Aganit Balidano se Arjit Yeh Swatantrta
Ashru, Shok, Shourya se sinchit yeh Swatantrta
Tyag Tej Tapbal se Rakshit Yeh Swatantrta
Dukhi Manujta ki hit Arpit yeh Swatantrta

Ise Mitane ki Sajish Karnewalo se Keh Do Chingari Ka Khel Bura Hota Hai
Auro Ke Ghar Aag Lagane Ka Jo Sapna Apne Hi Ghar Main Khada Hota Hai
Apne Hi Hatho Tum Apni Kabr Na Khodo
Apne Pairo Aap Khulhadi Nahi Chalao
O Nadan Padosi Apni Aankhe Kholo
Aazadi Anmol Na Iska Mol Lagao

Per Tum Kya Jano Aazadi Kya Hoti Hai Tumhe Muft Main Mili Na Kimat Gai Chukai
Angrejo Ke Bal Per Do Tukde Paye Hain Maa Ko Khandit Kerte Tumko Laaj Na Aayi

Ameriki Shastro se Apni Aazadi ko Duniya main Kayam Rakh Loge Yeh Mat Samjho
Das Bees Arab Lekar Aane Wali Barbadi Se Tum Bach Loge Yeh Mat Samjho
Dhamki Jihad Ke Naro Se Hathiyaro se Kashmir Kabhi Hathiyaloge Yeh Mat Samjho
Hamlo Se Atyacharo se Samharo se Bharat Ka Shish Jhuka Loge Yeh Mat Samjho

Jabtak Ganga Ki Dhar Sindhu Main Jwar Agni Main Jalan Surya Main Tapan Shesh
Swatantr Samar Ki Bedi Per Arpit Honge Aganit Jeevan Yuvan Ashesh
Amerika Kya Sansar Bhale Hi Ho Vyarth Kashmir per Bharat ka Sir Nahi Jhukega
Ek Nahi Do Nahi Karo Beeson Samjhote Per Swatantr Bharat Ka Nishchay Nahi Rukega.

Atal Ji’s speech in Ayodhya before the demolition of disputed structure:

This speech demonstrates his relentless, uncompromising endorsement of his beliefs even when the tides were against him:

“Even the Supreme Court order does not stop us from doing Kar Seva. In fact, the court has shown us the path to carry out Kar Seva. By doing Kar seva in Ayodhya we won’t be disrespecting the orders of Supreme Court instead by doing Kar seva we will be obeying the SC order. There were sharp-edged stones that came out, no one can sit there, the ground has to be leveled in order make it suitable for sitting. Arrangements for yagya will be done. We will have to make platforms for yagya.”

Speech about the great freedom fighter Veer Savarkar by Atal ji at Savarkar Jayanti in Pune in 2006.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s speech at BJP Adhiveshan 1980:

While speaking in Mumbai in 1980 Atal Ji came up with golden words “Andhera Chattega Kamal Khilega”. In his speech Atal Ji had reiterated BJP’s support to farmers of the country and its commitment to the constitution and democratic set-up of the country. Atal Ji also raised concerns about the poor economic condition of the country. He lambasted the Congress party for not protecting the interest of the farmers, laborers’ and weaker sections of the society. He also attacked the Congress party for its divide and rule politics.

Atal Ji said that the BJP would draw inspiration from the great king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He ended his speech with now famous words ‘Andhera Chatega, Sooraj Niklega, Kamal Khilega’.

The country shall remain forever indebted to this ‘Yugpurush’.

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