13 reasons why Hijab is unnecessary and it has nothing to do with religion


Hijab controversy is escalating day by day. It has now turned into a communal tension. Chanting of religious slogans and stone pelting have been witnessed in Karnataka and all that is happening because of only one thing- Hijab.

No doubt wearing anything as per the personal choice is a fundamental right? But, is the communal violence over Hijab justified?  What is this obsession with Hijab? More than religious, there are other reasons including human made customs and inconvenience that makes wearing Hijab a needless protocol for Muslim women.

Thus, we have tried to sum up 13 reasons explaining why Hijab is unnecessary. Interestingly, the reasons listed here have nothing to do with religion.

  1. Beginning with the inconvenience, the first and foremost reason why Hijab is unnecessary is that it covers the body which makes a woman sweat buckets during summers. Imagine wearing a cloth that covers your head to toe in summers when the temperature exceeds 45 degree Celsius. Well, it might sound easy for ‘some’ but it is not.
  2. Moving further, another reason is that Hijab covers your face to an extent that it even blocks the vision and peripheral vision, at very least. How is it possible to function the entire day with such a vision?
  3. Hair makes a woman look even more beautiful. It needs no bachelor degree for someone to understand that wearing hijab can make you compromise with the health of a woman’s hair. The prolonged covering of head is bound to cause hair issues and that can have adverse effects on your appearance.
  4. We are living in a nation that is dramatically developing its tech sector. While most of the mobile users have switched to face detection for unlocking the phone, the women wearing Hijab are still resorting to alphabetical and numeric passwords. That is because Phone’s face detection must have a hard time recognising the faces behind Hijab.
  5. If you will dig deep to know how Hijab can cause physical inconveniences, you’ll surtely come up with major issues like skin breakdowns and the respective issues. Prolonged use of Hijab can cause acne, rash, skin breakdown and even impaired cognition. Those seeking verification for the claim can visit dermatologists.
  6. I wonder how a woman wearing Hijab is recognized by her friends and colleagues. They people must have a hard time recollecting your face.
  7. This reason might sound a bit cute but women are entitled to wear accessories and look their best. But, imagine a woman wearing earrings under Hijab. She won’t be able to flaunt them no matter how pretty they are.
  8. How about eating food when wearing Hijab? It probably would get stuck in the Hijab which will make the woman look unhygienic. What will hurt even more is that the woman will not be able to enjoy her food.
  9. Imagine the plight of those wearing Hijab on windy days. It must be very difficult for them to keep it in place while crossing a busy road.
  10. Every person, be it a woman or man, has a child in him. A woman fully covered with Hijab is a walking brand ambassador of her religion. If the woman is a naughty one and sometimes steal things for fun, it can lead people to take digs at your religion because of Hijab. It is hard to imagine that how she will feel if the religion is criticized for her personal failing?
  11. Taking selfies while wearing Hijab might be irritating as they are meant to capture the beautiful faces.
  12. It’s not just the summers and windy days that can cause trouble for those wearing Hijabs. Even the rainy days can make it inconvenient for them. When someone gets drenched on a rainy day, he/she must be having hard time to walk home soaked.
  13. Women, irrespective of any religion, love experimenting with their But, those wearing Hijab cannot experience the pleasure to wear different clothes on different occasions. Quite sad!
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