TikTok is a mind control tool

(PC: India TV)

TikTok, although many claim has emerged as a “democratic platform”, is not more than a colossal cringe fest of magnanimous proportions. For far too long, TikTok has been cunningly used by many to further their inherent sense of Hinduphobia, while glorifying their own religious fanaticism and values. In all this, TikToker’s have come to believe that they are somehow producing path-breaking “content”.

TFI had yesterday put out a Twitter thread, giving a first hand bird’s eye view of all the cringe, deranged and filthy nonsense which gets paraded around on the app in the name of content.

TikTok is being used by individuals from a certain community to peddle their extremist views, as well as to normalise contentious practices and orthodox views.

Meanwhile, a passive audience of Hindus drool over such fake content and come around, perceivably so, as people with no minds of their own, who are willing to be swung like a pendulum to eternity, on fallacious notions spread on the platform by those who, in real life, are actually up in arms against the very ideals they claim to propound. TikTok also is a den of men who salivate their mouths around women who have no sense of self-pride, as long as they garner the views.

Now that a rough demography of the platform has been established, it comes as a but given that crude Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu content will obviously make its way into the same. As such, whether it be “Corona Jihad” or videos of kaafirs being portrayed as inferior humans, all such trash is found on the platform in abundance. Memes on PM Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath serve as a means of steadily hijacking the passive audience’ minds.

Did I mention TikTok being a circus of cringe content? Of course. Indians, on expected lines, form the bulk of a passive audience. As such, when any non-Indian, particularly anyone with a fairly white skin-tone does a “Namaste India” or “Love to India”, folks back here go berserk. The foreigners, meanwhile, are more than glad doing the same everyday, as long as they keep receiving the constant clicks on their ‘content’.

People with a false sense of purpose in life, meanwhile, go about peddling absolute lies about Hindu and Sanatan dharma, which again, is wholeheartedly received by mindless millennials. Millennials are a dangerous lot. They are best described as people with 0 IQ, but 100% confidence. As such, they, like sheep, fall for such falsehoods and go about believing the same as the gospel truth. They don’t just stop there. This nonsense is then peddled among their little friend circles, and the hijacking of the culpable Hindu mind therefore is completed.

Islamists have never shied away from displaying their radicalism publicly. In TikTok, Corona Jihad was a big hit only recently, with many going to claim that this was in fact “Allah’s NRC” upon India. A more detailed account of the same can be found on TFI’s earlier articles.

Rape and acid attacks were recently glorified on the platform. Yet, a generation which claims to stand against such criminalities shamelessly continues to use the platform without any qualms.

For reasons best known to the youth, lip syncing has emerged as quite a hit these days. What is also seen on TikTok is that people are very enthusiastic about changing their gender roles, notwithstanding the complete clown they make out of themselves while at it. This is, by the way, heralded as a liberal renaissance in what is supposedly a fascist India.

TikTok’s pro-China stand needs no introduction. As a direct result of the same, Saloni Gaur’s video (Nazma Aapi, as she is called) where she pokes fun at China, was unceremoniously deleted by the platform.

Keeping the Chinese influence aside, we can safely say that TikTok is not just a video sharing app, it is a mind control app. Once you get hooked to the app, you become a part of it. TikTok has the capability to turn any nation into a nation of cross dressing males, attention hungry females and culturally dead citizens.

Conclusively speaking, there is close to no content or comment moderation on the platform, which goes beyond all sanity which should otherwise dictate the running of platforms like TikTok. It is high time the platform is banned in India, even if artificial celebrities suddenly find themselves being rendered unemployed and without an income source.

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