‘Boycott UAE!’ Pakistan turns its back on UAE, now becomes is Turkey’s slave. Its identity crisis is phenomenal

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Our neighboring country Pakistan is suffering from a disease called ‘dissociative identity disorder’. Doctors claim that in this disease, the patient (Pakistan) routinely changes its masters and submits itself to whimsies of different nations.

From American masters to Arab masters to Chinese masters and now Turkish masters, the identity crisis of Pakistan is phenomenal and a case-study on point. The medical journals should indeed publish a research paper for the incurable disease with Pakistan as the test-subject as soon as possible.

Pakistani keyboard jihadis on Wednesday eagerly and somewhat mindlessly jumped on the Turkey bandwagon trending ‘Boycott UAE’ on Twitter.

The Boycott UAE hashtag originated from Turkey as both Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been caught at diplomatic crossroads off late. The tension has been simmering in the international playground of Libya where both countries are supporting two opposing leaders to retain power in the middle-eastern country.


The break-up was not amicable—so when a Turkey-based account asked Pakistani’s to trend the hashtag highlighting that UAE remained silent on Kashmir issues and that the increasing ties between the two nations could be devastating for Pakistan—the innocent Pakistanis could not help themselves but fall for the ploy.



The Turkish started projecting themselves as friend and messiah for the Pakistani’s whilst simultaneously inciting them to leave their jobs in UAE, to show solidarity to Turkey.


It did not take much time for the Turkish IT cells to brainwash the Pakistani’s as users began to attack UAE for their support for India and called for a boycott of UAE.


Pakistanis were really hurt that UAE had given its highest civilian honor to Prime Minister Narendra Mode. Cute.



While Pakistanis were getting warmed up to their new masters, Indians had a field day taking pot-shots at the fallacy of Pakistan. Memes and jokes were unleashed and Indian twitter had a laugh-riot over the developing events.



Photos of the handsome Prime Minister Imran Khan chauffeuring Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan around in a car started doing the rounds too.



It is almost quizzical that the Pakistani’s were able to change their allegiances in a matter of weeks. Few weeks prior, the Pakistani’s were masquerading as Arab nationalities to target the Indian government for its alleged treatment of Muslims.

Now the same Pakistani Muslims have started boycotting the Arab Emirates. Talk about being loyal to your base.

The latest episode of this disease can be rather stupefying for the poor country’s fortunes in the coming months. The Arab world is where the Pakistani PM turns to every time when he needs to fill his begging bowl.

With billions of dollars of debt on Pakistan, it needs to be seen how long the vigour of Pakistani twitter lasts. Millions of Pakistanis work in UAE and if it miffs its masters in the Emirates, there could be a whole lot of suffering coming to the workers and PM Imran Khan’s way.

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