Barkha Dutt targets Kapil Sibal on mass lay offs at Tiranga TV

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, an English news channel, Harvest TV, had been launched with senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal as one of its promoters. Later, Harvest TV was renamed as Tiranga TV, after the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) allowed Sibal’s channel to use the new name and logo without the colours, saffron and green. The channel boasted of some erstwhile big names including Barkha Dutt and Karan Thapar.

However, barely a month after the election results, the channel had reportedly fallen into a crisis. As per reports, there have been several rounds of lay-off at the news channel. The reports added that several journalists had left decent jobs before joining Tiranga TV but now they have been left in a spot of bother after being fired with extra salary for only one month. According to the reports, there have been three rounds of lay-off at the news channel. It has also reported that the retrenched journalists are demanding that they should be paid at least three months extra salary given the market conditions. The portal has also criticized the dictatorial methods of the management at the portal.

The ousted employees of Tiranga TV have also cried foul on the social media portal, Twitter. One of the employees tweeted, “@KapilSibal Ji, We the employees of @NewsHtn (Tiranga TV) are being fired with just 1-month salary and without any clarity. We would want to meet with you as no one from management has addressed us. @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @PrakashJavdekar @IndEditorsGuild @ShekharGupta @BJP4India”

When the news of the mass lay off employees at the Tiranga TV first came to light, many people on social media questioned Barkha Dutt for her silence on the issue. At that time, Barkha Dutt had tersely replied that she not involved in the management of the company. However, today Barkha Dutt broke her silence and took on Kapil Sibal and his wife for the mass lay offs in a long twitter thread.


Barkha Dutt not only pointed out how the network is laying off employees without even due notice period, but also how the employees who were brought on board barely months ago are being summarily dismissed.

Furthermore, Barkha Dutt highlighted the thoroughly unprofessional behvaiour of Kapil Sibal’s wife who is also in the management of the company and the couple’s absolute disdain for the journalists.


Dutt also revealed that Kapil Sibal wanted to blame the Modi government for the sacking of the employees but according to her the Modi government pose no hindrance to the operations of the channel.

She also claimed that she has been threatened with defamation for siding with the employees.

In another explosive revelation, Dutt alleged that Kapil Sibal and his wife had used sexist slurs against the female staffers.

Further claiming that Kapil Sibal did not address the concern of the employees which made her go public with the revelations, Barkha Dutt urges the media to stand with the sacked employees of HTN and question Kapil Sibal.


The allegations against the Kapil Sibal run network is indeed grave. However, it remains to be seen if the media takes him to the task. 

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