Atishi Pamphlet Row: So called journalists leave logic behind in their blind hatred for BJP

Gautam Gambhir, AAP, Atishi

(PC: Inkkhabar)

With just 2 days to go for the capital’s electoral polling, Delhi politics has taken a bad turn. In this regard, a woman’s modesty has been outraged to gain political benefits. Atishi, AAP’s candidate from East Delhi has come out claiming that pamphlets were distributed in the constituency which has put questionable allegations on her character. In light of this, AAP has decided to use the horrific incident for political benefits and have claimed that BJP led by Gautam Gambhir has issued and distributed the pamphlets, without any proof.

The pamphlet contained derogatory remarks against Atishi and has stated that she was “caught red-handed having sex with a fellow teacher in the Andhra Pradesh primary school when she was working as a teacher”. This pamphlet was distributed in the Lok Sabha constituency residents from where Atishi is contesting. Though the situation is highly condemnable, AAP instead to catch the actual perpetrators and being sympathetic towards Atishi has gone and accused Gautam Gambhir for this activity. Gautam Gambhir is meanwhile perturbed at such allegations and has even tweeted, “I declare that if it’s proven that I did it, I will withdraw my candidature right now. If not, will u quit politics?”

Due to such allegations, Gambhir has sent a notice of defamation to Atishi Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia, demanding that they withdraw the allegation and tender an unconditional apology over the matter.

Instead of trying to catch the actual perpetrators, AAP is focusing all their energy on BJP, more concerned with getting electoral benefits. In this regard, AAP spokesperson Akshay Marathe, has been distributing copies of the pamphlet via WhatsApp, claiming that “BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir distributed this pamphlet in East Delhi societies through newspapers.” If he was really so worried about Atishi’s modesty, why would he go and personally circulate the pamphlet through WhatsApp? The fact that he did it implies that he is keen to garner popularity and support due to the incident rather than curbing the spread of the pamphlet.

Observing AAP’s quick response to declare BJP as the perpetrator, Gautam Gambhir stated that Arvind Kejriwal is the one who has actually committed the horrific act to win the elections.

AAP, along with the pseudo-left liberal media, is keen to declare BJP as the perpetrator rather than going through an actual investigation. In response to Gambhir denying issuing the pamphlet, Atishi stated. “Why did he not come forward to condemn such an act?” According to her, just because Gambhir did not condemn the attack means he committed it. Furthering bringing politics in the matter she stated, “If an independent woman like me can be attacked like this, what will happen to other women of East Delhi?” No doubt Atishi is under stress due to the incident but surely AAP leadership can indulge in pro-active action to seek justice, rather than blaming a candidate which suits their political interests.

In light of the incident, Barkha Dutt has offered a piece of golden advice claiming that just because Atishi has suffered through the obscene remarks; she deserves a seat in the Lok Sabha.

With this bizarre thought process, Dutt deems to portray that the Lok Sabha candidature is the reward for a woman undergoing derogatory remarks. If that were the case, the laws for women protection and the judicial system established to enforce them can just go for a toss; meanwhile, all the victims of derogatory comments can just be granted representation in the lower house.

Swati Chaturvedi applied her brilliant sense of judgment when she stated that if Gautam Gambhir has to prove his innocence, he needs to find the real perpetrators.

Till now, the law stated that an individual is innocent until proven guilty and it is the police’s job to gather evidence through due investigation to help in the judicial process. However, according to Chaturvedi, in Gambhir’s case, a person has to take over the police’s job and interfere in the judicial system to prove his innocence.

Kavita Krishnan has stated that the correct thing for Gautam Gambhir would have been to condemn the incident and ask the voters to do the same.

While this isn’t a bad piece of advice, AAP immediately jumped up at the opportunity and started accusing Gautam Gambhir. He wasn’t given a chance to support AAP through the difficult time and had to defend himself from the false allegations.

AAP should put its political differences with BJP aside during this tumultuous time. A woman’s modesty has been outraged and the better thing would have been to deal with the incident maturely rather than accusing the political competitors. Rather than gaining voter appeasement, AAP should be concentrating on catching the actual perpetrator and not making baseless accusations against BJP members.