Ajit Doval: The silent protector of India and nightmare for Pakistan

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The airstrikes that India carried out in Pakistan have sent across a strong message to Pakistan. The message is loud and clear, if you mess with us, we will hit back and hit back hard. India has been following this policy for quite some time now. And if there is someone who deserves credit for the newfound vigour in Indian policy, it has to be the National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval.

In an illustrious career in intelligence operations, he had led from the front on several occasions. Considered a superspy, Doval had shown his worth way back in 1986 itself. As a field agent, he had successfully combated insurgency in the Northeast. In an undercover operation, he was instrumental in the defection of 6 out of 7 commanders of Laldenga’s outfit to the Indian cause. What shows his prowess in intelligence operations is his role in connection with the Operation Black Thunder in 1988. At that time, he had disguised as a rickshaw-puller in Amritsar and had sneaked into the Golden Temple before the operation. He was also able to convince that he was an ISI agent out there to help them. It is believed that he was also able to engineer infighting within the militants.

Ajit Doval has been one of the faces behind India’s aggressive policy at Pakistan border. It was reported that on October 7, 2014, Doval had summoned the BSF Director General and had blatantly told him bluntly to ‘fire at will’ with ‘full force’ even at the slightest of provocations from Pakistan. And that “offensive defensive” strategy of Ajit Doval has paid off in a big way. Ever since, the appointment of Doval as the NSA, India’s security policy has seen an unprecedented shift. He has supported a policy that is aggressive against the hostile neighbours.

Pakistan has been given a clear message that it should be prepared to bleed more if it continues the proxy war against India. As per an official, “What has changed is that political statements by India condemning Pakistan’s activities and regular aggression are not deciding how a jawan would react on the ground. BSF and army are now not sitting ducks when they are being fired upon. They have been told to fire at will if they are being fired at.”

From growing above the stupid ‘talks are a solution to everything’ syndrome, thanks to Mr. Doval, we have now joined the ranks of the rare nations, who follow the offensive defence policy, i.e. ‘Fire One, And We’ll Forget Our Count of Fire’! Ajit Doval has ensured that India changed the policy of initiating dialogue after Pakistan carries out a terror attack. Doval has ensured that India pre-empts Pakistani aggression and nips them in the bud.

While the airstrikes have taken India’s Pakistan policy to a point of no return, it is Ajit Doval who deserves the credit of transforming Indian policy and bringing it on the correct path.