Lessons in anti-Hindu bigotry: ‘Semen balloon’ hoax exposed.

semen balloons holi

Every year, Holi is marked by pomp and show, colors, music and the attempt by people from certain sections of the political spectrum to malign the entire festival suggesting that every single person who celebrates it engages in sexual harassment of women. Unlike previous years when the same old ideas were peddled over and over again by different individuals, this year people certainly introduced a lot more creativity into their agenda.

Now that the ‘semen balloons’ theory has been popped conclusively by the forensic report, lets look at how an isolated incident of innocuous nature was used to degrade Hindu culture and to shame and ridicule the entire Hindu-community. As Holi neared, accusations were made by certain ‘feminists’ that semen-filled balloons were hurled at them by miscreants. There on, things took a more sinister turn as multiple reports of such semen balloons started doing the rounds. And as has become the norm, the rumors were picked up by serial offenders in the media and used to malign the entire Hindu festival.

Those of us who are aware of the natural inclination of ‘feminists’ to either lie or exaggerate matters out of proportions to further their agenda were skeptical of the claims made by the students of Delhi University from the very beginning. Of course, it doesn’t take too much of brain power to realize that the average men will be thoroughly incapable of churning out such great amounts of semen, even Patanjali products will fail to provide him with sufficient resources required for that.

Not too long ago, another similar incident had come to pass. One woman had alleged on social media that someone had ejaculated on her pair of jeans at a concert. Of course, people who are aware how semen looks like called out her bluff straightaway. Feminists are increasingly becoming like the proverbial shepherd who cried wolf one too many times.

The concerted attack on Holi, however, appears to be far more sinister than what others would have us believe. I am inclined to believe that such accusations would have been used to regulate the celebration of the festival and curb it significantly as has become the norm in recent times. There was media propaganda already underway to make the fictitious incident a full blown national outrage without even caring to ascertain the facts of the matter at hand.

The unfortunate matter of the whole semen balloons incident is that all the journalists who used a rumor based on false allegations to malign an entire festival will go completely unpunished. The semen balloons lie was used by vested interests to malign an entire community of people who celebrate the festival of colors. The whole semen-filled balloons story has burst on the faces of agenda peddlers who would grab at anything, something even improbable as that, to further their agenda. In a saner world, the ones who peddled this fake news would at least issue an apology. However, in the world that we live in, the agenda peddlers will carry on like nothing whatsoever happened and continue with their agenda like it never mattered.