Social distancing a potent weapon to fight COVID-19 in J&K

Srinagar, March 31 (IANS) With the increase in rate of transmission of COVID-19 the medical advice points toward the curtailment of social contact, which is key to reducing the spread of this deadly infection in Jammu & Kashmir.

Urging people to adhere to the health advisories and maintain social distancing protocol in all aspects of life – social and religious, Director, SKIMS, Dr A.G. Ahanger said that saving humans from harm is the essence of every religion and in current situation it can be assured by staying home and maintaining WHO protocol.

He said that SKIMS witnessed a very good and positive development in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. The first positive case, an elderly woman with a history of foreign travel and symptomatic was admitted for management of COVID-19 infection, has responded very well to the treatment, and has, in fact, recovered with repeated tests being negative in 24 hours on the 14th day. The patient has progressive recovery and is being shifted to Level-II for further quarantine purpose.

Dr Ahangar further said that SKIMS continues to bear the brunt of COVID-19 patients both symptomatic and falling in line in the suspected cases under various protocols and till date, the Institute has admitted 133 cases of which 21 have been discharged while 6 positive cases are under treatment.

Besides, the UT’s Viral Diagnostic and Research Laboratory (VDRL) has tested 219 samples so far, out of which 8 have been tested positive, while the others are negative. However most of these patients admitted for observation continue to be under surveillance in coordination with the Directorate of Health Services and other nodal agencies of Jammu & Kashmir.

He said due to influx of patients, people are again requested to observe and follow all Government Advisories as well as the instructions from various Health Institutions with regard to prevention and control of this infection as to slow down in infection rate decreases the pressure on health institutions.

Preventive measures to reduce the chances of infection include staying home, avoiding crowded places, washing hands with soap and warm water, practicing good respiratory hygiene, avoiding touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands, strictly following official lockdown, avoiding social or religious gatherings.


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