Sayani says she had ‘super fun’ working on ‘Shameless’

Mumbai, Jan 20 (IANS) Actress Sayani Gupta says she had fun working on the short film Shameless, co-starring Hussain Dalal and directed by Keith Gomes. Trailer of the film is out now.

“The shoot was short but fabulous. Hussain and I have a long standing friendship and have a great chemistry. So it was super fun to do improvisations and play off each other. Keith is very gentle as a director and really takes care of his actors and crew. It was super fun to collaborate, and we’ve all come a long way together with this film,” said Sayani.

“The trailer release has been amazing. So much buzz and incredible amount of support for the film from our friends in the industry. It feels unreal and extremely beautiful,” she added.

Shameless is a 15-minute dark comedy thriller, which touches upon the fact that people are losing human connection and becoming rude and isolated due to social media and technology.

“With all the hate and anger that is going around, the world needs kindness and my films are a reminder that being kind is actually easy. I hope ‘Shameless’ makes an impact in that respect,” said Gomes.


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