Former MLA’s thatched-roof house collapses but he is not complaining

Gorakhpur (UP), July 15 (IANS) They don’t make men like him anymore. Haridwar Pandey, a former UP legislator from 1980 to 1985, does not have luxury cars, expensive mobile phones or even a well-built house.

He leads a frugal life in his village in Maniram area and on July 12, the main portion of his thatched house collapsed, following incessant rains.

The family that includes his daughter-in-law and four grandchildren have been living on the verandah of the house.

The former MLA did not inform anyone about the collapse of his house and neither did he seek any help.

Nirmala Paswan, district Congress president, learnt of the incident and met Haridwar Pandey.

“We will ensure that we pool in our resources and get the house reconstructed. It is not a favour but our duty towards the veteran leader,” she said.

Pandey, 88, was known for his proximity to former Chief Minister Veer Bahadur Singh.

“In those days, we believe in serving others rather than serving ourselves. I have two and a half bighas of land and this thatched house which has now collapsed,” he said. His only means of livelihood is the pension that het gets as a former legislator.


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