Covid curbs during Eid gatherings in Karnataka

Bengaluru, Oct 29 (IANS) Karnataka has imposed restrictions on processions and programmes on Eid Milad on Friday to avoid large gatherings in mosques and public places in the Covid-hit state, an official said on Thursday.

“Processions and congregations in large numbers at mosques and in maidans (grounds) for prayers (namaz) and celebrating Eid Milad on Friday are banned to contain the coronavirus spread,” a Waqf board official told IANS here.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi celebrates the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in the third month (Rabi al-awwal) of the Islamic lunar calendar the world over.

“Cultural and discourse events in mohallas (neighbourhoods) are also not allowed to prevent the devout from gathering in large numbers in pandemic times,” said the official.

The devout are, however, allowed to assemble in mosques for prayers in limited numbers to ensure physical distancing, while wearing a face mask. Sanitisation of hands is mandatory for all.

“Devotees above 60 years are advised to offer prayers and celebrate the festival at their home due to restrictions on their movement as per the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs,” said the official.

The board has also barred organisers from using loudspeakers for discourse or cultural events.

In Mangaluru on the state’s west coast, the district administration banned mass prayers and processions to restrict the devout from gathering in large numbers in open grounds on Friday.

“The spiritual discourse in mohallas has been prohibited in view of the Covid spread. Prayers can be offered in mosques and dargahs by adhering to the guidelines and maintaining social distance. Wearing a mask is mandatory,” said Dakishna Kannada deputy commissioner K.V. Rajendra in a statement.


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