Shameless journalists attempt to shift focus from martyred CRPF Jawans to Kashmiris, paint them as the real victims



After the backlash on ‘liberalization’ of the terror attack, the liberal cabal has found a new way to shift the focus from martyrs and the tragedy that happened in Pulwama on February 14. Yesterday, almost simultaneously and in a coordinated manner, multiple mouthpieces of the liberal cabal including Shehla Rashid, Barkha Dutt, and others tweeted about imaginary attacks on Kashmiris.

One of the major narratives that were being pushed by these propaganda peddlers is how Kashmiris are being targeted across India. One such tentative incident is the report of ‘gherao’ of a Kashmiri girls hostel in Uttarakhand. However, Uttarakhand Police debunked these reports stating that no such incident took place.

In a Facebook post, Uttarakhand Police said, “Some people are creating rumours that 15-20 Kashmiri girls trapped in a hostel in Dehradun for hours due to an angry mob. Police is present but unable to disperse the mob. This is not true, Police sorted out the issue, and there are no crowds. Initially there was some confusion regarding slogans by Kashmiri girls in favour of Pakistan which was resolved”.

In a similar way, another left-liberal propaganda peddler, Shehla Rashid, too blamed the masses for attacking the Kashmiris. In her tweet, she posted, “Throughout India, mobs are attacking Kashmiri students, verbally abusing them, asking for them to be expelled and filing false cases against them. The pretext being given in each case is that they said Pakistan Zindabad – even police is buying into these false claims”.

Later, Barkha Dutt joined the cabal and voiced her support for the alleged reports and added, “My number is online and my DMs & doors are open to any Kashmiris who need help or feel vulnerable.”

Rajdeep Sardesai also expressed his support as he tweeted, “Want to tell any Kashmiri student out there, if you are being targeted in any manner, feel free to call/DM me. My home and heart is open to you as is that of thousands of right thinking Indians.Let’s fight forces of violence together: you don’t have to bear the cross of terror”.

Another ‘liberal’ journalist, Sagarika Ghose added, “Have we gone insane? STOP these disgusting attacks on innocent Kashmiris & Kashmiri Students IMMEDIATELY. They are our family! Alert pro-active law enforcement pls! Let’s not descend into anarchy & divisiveness but stand tall to defend India’s best values”.

People like Sanjukta Basu even had the gall of labeling the attacks as a ‘conspiracy hatched by BJP for 2019 elections’. To make matters worse, news agencies like India Today and Scroll even pulled out all stops to whitewash the suicide bomber, Adil Ahmed Dar, just the way their notorious colleagues from NDTV did for Burhan Wani in 2016. This reveals the extent to which the liberal cabal is going to shift the focus from attacks even if it means spreading fake news.